Branding Services

General info 
Typical timeline: 4—8 weeks
My specialties:  Logo design, Brand Identity Systems, Illustration, Environmental Graphics
Tier #1 Branding
A level #1 logo package suitable for small events and one-off projects, or someone with a little bit of design knowledge
1—2 concepts, 1 revision
EPS/PNG files
style guide​​​​​​​
Tier #2 Branding
A logo package suitable for personal branding
2—3 concepts, 2 revisions
secondary logo 
EPS/PNG file
social media kit
style guide
Tier #3 Branding
A logo package ideal for branding products, services, & businesses
3—4 concepts, 3 revisions
EPS/PNG files
social media kit
icon system
typography & color systems
collateral design
style guide
What is a logo and a brand Identity system?
Logos and identity systems reinforce the values and personality of a brand using visual communication strategies.
Your logo is an easily recognized graphic mark that symbolizes your brand or company. It is a small piece of a much larger puzzle. Alternatively, your identity system defines your brand’s voice, tone, and personality. It is made up of different elements that collectively feel like the brand. The system is the puzzle that your logo exists within. It is important to note that a logo’s primary function is to symbolize the way a brand connects to its audience, and without a brand identity, a logo doesn’t really have much meaning. Without anything to represent, a logo essentially just becomes an arbitrary symbol.
Brand identity packages typically include the following:
Mission statement
Primary and Secondary Logos
Style Guides
Color Palettes
Photography guidelines
Additional Graphic Elements
Collateral (Business cards, stationary, website, etc.)
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