Includes 2-3 concepts, up to 3 revisions, transparency file, print file, social media kit, and stationary
Process Breakdown
Phase 1 : Ideation & Exploration
Client and designer will identify stylistic preferences and inspirations by creating mood boards. The goal is to identify the brand’s overall visual voice and tone.
*50% deposit and initial paperwork are submitted prior to phase 1*
Phase 2 : Sketch
Designer creates rough concept sketches of the logo mark and type layout. The client will decide on a logo mark based on provided concepts during this phase. 
Phase 3 : Colors
The client and designer will incorporate the brand tone, voice, and any client-specified preferences to create a flexible and distinct color system. This system is created with the intention to be used within the logo and beyond.
Phase 4 : Refine
The designer will combine the chosen color system and the chosen logo mark to create a refined design.
Phase 5: Stationary
The Designer will use the refined logo mark and color system and apply it to a stationary design. Stationary options will address layout, orientation, size, etc. This phase will include up to two revisions.
Phase 6 : Deliver
Designer compiles the completed logo files. Both print-ready and digital formats of the logo are provided. Print-ready files of the stationary designs are also provided.
*Remainder of the cost is paid before the final files are delivered*
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